Hermès Kelly bag: something you might not know

November 20, 2016

Hermès Kelly bag: something you might not know

Hermes Kelly bag is one of the most iconic handbags on the market. Famed for its craftsmanship, immediately recognizable style, and elusiveness in obtaining one, the Hermes Kelly bag is a true icon.

Everybody knows it, but are you really sure you know everything about this stunning accessory?
The Kelly bag came into existence due to an event in 1956, when a photo of Princess Grace Kelly holding a Sac a depeches bag to cover her pregnant belly hit the media. These pictures of her using a Hermes bag to cover her bump flooded the worldwide press, including the cover of Life magazine, leading the public to refer to the bag as the ‘Kelly’ bag. This led to Hermes officially renaming the bag and the rest is history.

A Kelly bag is all about manufacturing
The process of creating a Kelly bag can take between 18 and 24 hours with the use of exotic materials, hand stitching, and carefully constructed details all involved during the process. The first step of the process is to sew the lining, which is generally made from goat skin. After the lining, the base of the bag is crafted by hand sewing the front and back with waxen linen thread. The stitch used is called a double saddle stitch, with the placement of the needle during each stitch carefully selected. Before each stitch is created, a tiny hole is created with an awl, with the stitch size determining the size of the hole. For particular grains of leather, certain adjustments need to be made, making the process even longer.

Once this section is completed, the instantly recognizable handle is added to the body of the bag, with the shaping of done by hand with extremely close attention to detail. The leather is then smoothed with sandpaper and dyed to match color of the bag with hot wax applied to protect the handle from moisture and use. Next, the hardware and base studs are added, all of which are attached through riveting. The bag is then gently ironed to remove creases and wrinkles with the famous ‘Hermes Paris’ stamp added last to complete the process.

Everyday, together
Many women associate the Kelly with a formal look, opting for the Birkin if they fancy a more casual appearance or for less formal occasions. However, the Kelly is actually extremely versatile and can be used to complement a range of looks, outfits, and occasions. In this insights guide, we take a look at just how versatile this stunning bag is and how it can accompany you on any occasion.